Congratulations to the Margaret L. Hopkin Middle School students of the month: Xage Shebala and Natalie Winn!

Seventh-grader Xage is a leader in the classroom, whether it’s through helping others or answering questions and supporting her reasoning. Teachers have seen Xage take time to make sure another student understands what is going on in a supportive manner, ask to help when she notices an opportunity, and is always pleasant and supportive in the classroom, in the halls, and during activities. Xage is a leader promoting the Thunderbird goals: Respect, Responsibility, and Leadership. Her favorite classes are science, math, and English. Xage is very social and outgoing when you get to know her. She likes to play sports and loves spending time with her friends and family. When she gets older, Xage wants to live in California, and her dream job is to be a botanist or manage her dad’s salsa business. Her advice to others is: “Don’t worry about what others think, what matters is what you think of yourself!” 

Eighth-grader Natalie is an excellent student and natural leader. She has been instrumental in starting up the school’s peer tutoring program and recruited a dozen classmates as tutors. She is well-liked by others and an asset to her school. Natalie puts in extra effort on her work, is helpful in the classroom, and has a good sense of humor and a positive attitude. Her teachers appreciate the excellent character she demonstrates daily in the classroom, halls, and cafeteria. The staff knows they can count on her to lead by example. Natalie has played the violin for 6 years and her favorite subjects are math, science, and history. Someday, Natalie would like to be a mechatronics engineer. She owns 4 dogs, and she likes to sew. Natalie’s advice to her classmates is: “Learn how to learn and the world will open up for you.”

Congratulations, Xage & Natalie!