[Courtesy photo]

The Moab Red Devils Mountain Bike Team won the State Championship for Division 3 after an undefeated season. They came out on top in a Utah League, which has over 7,000 student-athletes and is known as being one of the most difficult mountain bike leagues in the country. 

“Senior Kip Sevenoff and sophomore Elizabeth Knight (our 2021 JVA State Champion) were our highest-ranking racers in their respective varsity divisions for 2022,” Ashley Korenblat reported, while junior London Niesen and sophomore Madi Niesen, who took 3rd at State, made strong finishes throughout the season. Sophomore Legacy Blake had two wins this season and freshman Pierson Vagts “burst onto the podium at the Snowbasin race and also came in third at State,” team officials said.

Coach Mike Estenson was honored as Coach of the Year for Region 2 and sophomore Hawk Clapper was awarded the “Spread the Stoke” Spirit Award for his enthusiasm and support for all his teammates. Bowdie Parker was named the 2022 State Champion in the Freshman B class after beating the series leader in a sprint finish at the Snowbasin race and winning again at State. 

The Red Devils Mountain Bike team is open to all Moab students, with a development program offered for middle school racers. Scholarships are available from the Geoff and Sandy Freethey Honorary High School Mountain Bike Scholarship program. If interested please contact ashley@westernspirit.com.