The Margaret L. Hopkin Middle School Students of the Month are Ruston Peterson and Gemma Phillips.

Seventh-grader Ruston Peterson is an enthusiastic student who really enjoys school, staff says. Ruston is very conscious of his school work and gives 100% at all times. Ruston is always willing to help other students and doesn’t need recognition when doing it. Ruston always has a smile on his face and is friendly to multiple groups at school. He is polite and respectful to all students and staff and brings a positive vibe to the school. He likes to play baseball and hunt. Ruston has one brother named Lane and 9 goats, 2 dogs, and 2 cats at home. His family must be animal lovers! Ruston’s advice to his peers? “Be nice and try to get good grades.”

MLHMS staff say that eighth-grader Gemma Phillips demonstrates the qualities that it takes to be a successful student: she is reliable, mature, hardworking and helpful. She is always willing to help both her peers and her teachers and is considerate in the way that she interacts with others. Gemma is an exceptional athlete and student but is still humble. She likes to play soccer and basketball and she runs cross country. Gemma likes to bake and cook and has 3 cats, a dog, a twin sister, and a brother at home. Gemma’s advice to her classmates is: “Work hard and try to stay focused. Don’t leave homework to the last minute.”  

Congratulations, Ruston and Gemma!