Cosmo is laying on the ground, staring at a small stuffed-animal cat that looks just like him.

Hello and good meow, brothers and sisters. It is Cosmo the library cat, here to invite you to join the latest reading challenge from the Grand County Public Library. This one is called the “Family Stories Reading and Activity Challenge” and it’s a chance to celebrate our family histories! 

To complete the challenge, just read for at least four hours between October 17 and November 30. Reading to someone else—such as your favorite cat!—counts, as does listening to someone read to you. Earn a prize just for registering and a second prize when you finish. You’ll also earn virtual badges for participating in family-themed challenges. 

You can listen to stories from loved ones, record your own origin story, and read books about families of all shapes and sizes. My own origin story is a fascinating one. I was blessed to inherit the good looks, sharp reflexes, and natural charm that run in many cat families. My ancestors parlayed those talents into successful careers as house, barn and alley cats, and my cousins and littermates followed in their pawsteps. But I knew from an early age that destiny would lead me on a different path. With support and encouragement from my dear family, I have achieved the lofty position of Library Cat and author of a wildly popular newspaper column. I’m excited for the opportunity to read and ponder about the importance of families, both biological and chosen. As part of my chosen library family, I hope you will join this challenge with me! 

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