Cosmo snarling, photoshopped into a depiction of two dinosaurs fighting.

Meow, ROAR, and hello everyone! It’s Cosmo, your favorite Felis catus bibliotheca! That’s the scientific name for “library cat.” The 7th Annual Moab Festival of Science is happening this week and  there’s something for everyone – hikes, talks, movies and hands-on activities all about the science of this place we call home. Astronomy? Check. Lichens? You betcha. Dinosaurs? Of course!! The Grand County Public Library is getting in on the fun too. The librarians put together a display of their favorite science books; come by and check those out any time. 

We’re also very excited to co-host a free movie screening of “Inhabitants: Indigenous Perspectives on Restoring Our World” on Wednesday, October 19 at 7 p.m. at Star Hall. The movie follows five Native American tribes as they reestablish their traditional land management practices like controlled burns in forests and farming in the desert with drought-resistant seeds. Watch the trailer at

You can find out more about Festival of Science events at and I didn’t see a “Dinosaur Roaring Contest” on the schedule, but that’s no reason not to get in some good roaring practice. If you need me, I’ll be reading up on dinosaurs and practicing my best dinosaur impression.