Cosmo is photoshopped into an astronaut costume.

Come in, Ground Control! This is Cosmo, your favorite terrestrial library cat. Our summer reading challenge is over, but never fear: there’s a new all-ages reading challenge at the Grand County Public Library: NASA’s Artemis Project, “To the Moon, Mars, and Beyond!”

NASA is readying the first mission of the Artemis spaceflight program! Much like the Apollo program, the Artemis program will take humans back to the Moon and prepare us for traveling to Mars and beyond for the first time. In this challenge, you can learn all about the Artemis Project and NASA’s plans for a new generation of crewed spaceflight! To complete the challenge, simply read a total of four hours or more, and complete a few space-themed activities between Sept. 1 and Oct. 16. Reading aloud to someone (like your pet cat or dog) or being read to counts, and you’ll earn nifty virtual space-themed badges for both reading and activities. 

Each space-themed activity has options for any age, and everyone who registers earns a reward from our Reading Reward Treasure Chests! We have different rewards for babies, children, teens, and adults. 

If you complete this challenge by Oct. 16, you can also choose a completion reward from the Treasure Chests! Ready to launch? Register at I love reading, naturally, and I’m super fascinated with space exploration, so this challenge is purr-fect for me. Happy reading, everyone, and keep looking up!