Every time a housing complex, (be it apartments or single-family homes) is submitted for approval, the supposed locals in Moab state that they don’t want any apartment complex or “High Density Housing” or any other enigmatic term they want to call it, because “those people” are derelicts, drug users or “low lifes.”

Why do you insist on stigmatizing people you do not even know because you feel entitled? My family moved here in 1964. They raised a family, worked, paid taxes, voted and helped to make Moab what it is today, along with a lot of other people that you consider beneath you.

Now I have a question: What does the local government consider a ‘local’? A lot of families have history in Moab and a lot of people have moved out because they do not like the way Moab is moving to accommodate tourism over the people who live and work here year-round and keep the economy stable during the off-season.

I suggest that Moab’s government and the supposed locals who only moved here to recreate in our beautiful valley get out and talk to people face to face instead of making decisions based on their own narrow views and selfish interests.

Molly Heil, Moab