Cosmo lays on top of the bookcase in front of the leopard painting he's so fond of.

Meow. It is I, Cosmo the Library Cat, here to report that the Grand County Public Library is suddenly bursting with new works of art! Is this a library or a meowseum?! I did some investigating and found out that every year, the Springville Museum of Art sponsors an art contest for Utah high school students. The winners are collected for a traveling exhibition, curated by the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. This exhibit is at the library right now! 

It turns out that there are a lot of talented young artists in Utah. This exhibit has collages, paintings, and photographs. All 28 of them are phenomenal! My personal favorite is a magnificent oil painting called “Curiosity,” which depicts a lithesome leopard with a splendid spotted coat. The talented young artist perfectly captures the intelligence and curiosity of this majestic feline. Looking at the work, I must confess that I feel a strong sense of kinship between myself and the subject.

As French dada artist Marcel Duchamp theorized, no work of art is complete without a viewer. So it’s time to play your role in the creative process: come and view these masterpieces! The show will be on display in the Grand County Public Library until Wednesday, September 14t.  And if any of you young artists need a muse, you can find me at the library in Moab!

Hope to see you soon!