Cosmo is photoshopped onto a climbing route; he looks like he's topping out.

Hello again, it is I, Cosmo the library cat, checking in from the top of the tallest bookshelf in the library. How did I get up here? I climbed, of course! From my carpeted cat tower in the staff room, to the library’s courtyard wall, anyone who sees me in action is impressed with my climbing prowess. But did you know that I am not the only climber ever to visit the Grand County Public Library?

It turns out that climbers from all around the world visit Moab every year to tackle our red rocks, and many of these climbers stop in at the library. In fact, one very famous rock climber, Yvon Chouinard, visited some years ago and was so delighted that he donated his personal collection of climbing books and magazines to the library!

Yvon Chouinard.

Yvon Chouinard is most famous for founding the gear and clothing company Patagonia, but before that he was well known in climbing circles not only for his skills but his innovations in climbing equipment. He’s credited with being a pioneer of “clean climbing,” where climbers use special techniques and gear that don’t damage rocks.

The Chouinard Collection features guides to climbing spots all over the world, numerous books about climbing and mountaineering, and magazines about–you guessed it, climbing–dating back to the 1970s. Though you can’t check these books or magazines out of the library, you are welcome to come down and browse the shelves any time! To find the collection go past the circulation desk and turn left or just ask a librarian to direct you. Happy climbing!