Cosmo sits tall, with his feet all gathered next to each other.

Summer is coming, which means that Grand County Public Library’s Summer Challenges for all ages are starting soon! Our 2022 challenges run from June 1 to August 15. Visit to pre-register today! 

To kick off our 2022 Challenges, the library is partnering with Moab Sports and Recreation and Moab Arts to offer a free outdoor movie screening of “Luca” on Friday, June 3 at around 8:30 p.m. at Swanny City Park. “Luca” is a Disney Pixar animated film about three very different kids (several of whom might secretly be sea monsters!) having wild adventures, forming friendships and growing up, set in the beautiful Italian Riviera. There will be free popcorn! Do you suppose they make fish-flavored popcorn? Although the event may be lacking in cat treats, I’m very curious about these sea monster kids. Plus, it’s a lot of fun watching a movie outside on a giant screen. I hope you can make it, too. Bring blankets and chairs and water and whatever you need to be comfy while you watch. You can also learn more about our Summer Challenges before the movie starts. The library will be hosting other fun events for youth this summer, visit for details. Ciao-miao for now, amici!