Christian Nelson: the middle schooler is blonde with glasses.
Christian Nelson Credit: Courtesy photo

Margaret L. Hopkin Middle School announced Christian Nelson and Kimber McCandless as the May students of the month. 

Seventh-grader Christian Nelson stands out to his teachers because he is kind to others and enthusiastic about schooling. He greets teachers in the hallway with a smile and genuinely asks how we’re doing. Christian helps other students with their work, volunteers to read aloud, and makes meaningful contributions to our class discussions. Christian is a good citizen and can be  seen doing small acts of service around our campus: picking up garbage, cleaning up after others in the lunchroom, and helping secure the equipment after lunch. He is a good example to those around him. Christian likes basketball and he loves P.E., he is part of the MLHMS Honor Society and his Zodiac sign is Leo. Christian’s favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a dog.  His advice to his fellow classmates is: “Listen and try your best in school. You will eventually get A’s!”  We appreciate all the positive energy Christian brings to our school!

Kimber McCandless
Kimber McCandless Credit: Courtesy photo

Eighth-grader Kimber McCandless is very diligent in class and shows great attention to detail and precision. Kimber is a self-starter and teachers can count on her to be thorough and neat in her work. She does a terrific job showing her work in Math and is good at communicating. Besides being thorough and neat, Kimber turns in excellent work! On many occasions, Ms. Packard has kept or photocopied her work to be used as examples in future classes. It’s nice to see a student take so much pride in her assignments. Kimber’s quiet nature is appreciated by staff. She loves to play volleyball and ride 4-wheelers, her favorite subject is math and her favorite color is yellow. Kimber has a dog and one thing that she says she cannot do well is spell!  Her advice to others: “Get a pet, they are cool!” 

Congratulations, Christian and Kimber!