I want to write to all my fellow citizens, here in the Moab area. Just why do the two aims of community and financial gain seem to be at odds for us here? We all need both of these, so are there ways that we can intertwine these two goals? We might have to think outside the box; however, I absolutely know that we are capable of coming up with solutions that have never been tried before!

I am deeply concerned that we have unleashed another boom-and-bust cycle. That we will continue with our current trend until there’s nothing of value left. So let’s keep our wits about us, and may each of us support the community that we truly want for ourselves and our loved ones. 

Please, let us not wait until we have depleted this place; until there is nothing to pass on to our children. It gets harder and harder to adjust our aim, the longer we wait. So let’s act before we come to the end!

Your Neighbor, 

Tatsy Guild