I am a renter in Moab. There are many of us here, and we are important members of this community. We are emergency responders, healthcare workers, and teachers. We work for local businesses, non-profit organizations, and local government. We’re raising families, growing food, and making art. We support the tourist economy, build local infrastructure, and maintain public lands for everyone’s enjoyment. 

I respect your right to sell your house and develop your property as you see fit. I ask that, as you go through these processes, please remember that your house is someone’s home.  

It’s hard to live in a house that’s being sold, and I imagine it’s hard to sell a house with people living in it. It’s not hard to make this a more humane process for your renters. In turn, this allows us to better accommodate your needs during a sale.

If you must displace your tenants, I urge you to consider a few basic human needs. 

Consider the need to find a new home, and the severe housing shortage in Moab. Plan ahead, and give your tenants as much notice as possible.

Consider the need for a safe and functional house. As long as people are living on your property, they need access to basic utilities, functioning appliances, and a safe structure to live in.

Consider the need for privacy and rest. Communication, flexibility, and planning ahead will allow your tenants to adjust their schedules to meet your needs as an owner or seller.

As renters, we are as much a part of Moab as homeowners. We are working hard to live here, to participate in the local economy, and to grow this community. We cannot do these things without a place to call home.

Zoe Huston, Moab