44 students at Margaret L. Hopkin Middle School were inducted into the Honor Society on May 9, celebrated by advisors Kari Barnard and Tracy Renn, Honor Society President James Holyoak, and many parents. 

Pictured, left to right, are, in the bottom row: Adine Knight, Chaney Edwards, Chloe Byrd, Christian Nelson, Danica Hirschfeld, Danika Ewer, Danny VanStone, Delanie Davis, Dylan Hagemann, Emily Dalton, Emmalie Simons, Evelyn Gauden, Gemma Phillips. Middle row: Giselle Silveira-Lopez, Harley Ashurst, Jackson Edge, Jackson Worton, Jharick James, Joley Phillips, Jovi Henderson, Jules Oliver, Kaiya Moore, Kaydance Knutson, Kendra Swenson, Kielyn Caylor, Kirrian McKinney, Makayla Johnston. Top row – Maysie Hall, Mia Brown, Natalie Winn, Olive Romero-Reese, Pete Olsen, Raegan Blackham, River Shaw, Shayli Partridge, Trinitee Warden, and Zella Hill. Not pictured are students Hailey Day, Kaci Hamilton, Kaydence Mullen, Lauren Kovacs, Makenna Jackman, Quinn Potts, and Rebecca Sanchez. 

“The MLHMS wants to thank all those who participated and made the program a success and family and friends for joining us for this special event,” said school staff.