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This month’s Grand County Students of the Month are junior Ayden Ceniceros and senior Aly Bertoch.

Ayden Ceniceros, the son of Matt and Lisa Ceniceros, is embracing the challenge of English and chemistry classes this year.

“In my chemistry, I have to actually put thought and emotion into my work for it to be deemed worthy of a good grade, and I have to do it in every assignment I do,” he said. “For English, I have to keep an open mind and take in anything and everything that is said for a fair chance at a decent grade, yet everything is presented in an entertaining and engaging way.”

Ayden gave credit to his teachers for inspiring him. “What we do in there I feel is actually useful to me as well,” he added.

Ayden has also been involved in track, football, marching band, and swim over his high school career, as well as holding down a job and serving as drum major for the GCHS marching band.

“I lead and conduct the band through day-to-day tasks…to every competition,” he said, noting proudly that the band won third place at 3A state in his freshman year.

After graduation, Ayden plans to put those chemistry classes to good use, majoring in nursing with the potential to become a more specialized doctor.

“I’ve learned how to choose good friends who actually truly care about you and what you’re doing with yourself,” he said when asked about what important lesson he’s learned in high school. His advice for classmates? “Just show up to class at the very least.”

GCHS senior Aly Bertoch, daughter of Jennifer Mayne and Daniel Bertoch, has been busy this year. She took multiple challenging college-level classes through the concurrent enrollment classes, including psychology and political science.

“I take so many I have to always make sure I’m on top of it,” she said, adding that she’s also on the drama team, in the marching band, and served as junior class vice president last year in addition to holding down a job. She also competed for the swim team for two years, winning “rookie of the year” her freshman year and “most improved swimmer” her sophomore year. She even spared some time to intern at this very paper!

“I have learned how to be better at time management,” she said. “I need to plan my time so I get assignments in on time.”

After graduating from GCHS, Aly plans on getting a master’s degree in psychology.

“Don’t take your high school years for granted,” she advises students. “Four years sounds like a long time but it goes by so quickly—and don’t be afraid to get out there and participate in the things that sound fun or interesting!”

Congratulations, Aly & Ayden! We’re all proud of you.