Members of the band Birds of Play

Join Acoustic Americana Quartet Birds of Play for a night of story and song at the Moab Backyard Theater on April 29 at 7 p.m!

They are touring in support of their recent release, Murmurations Vol 2.

Murmuration describes a phenomenon in which flocks of starlings take flight simultaneously, swooping and soaring in unison like a shape-shifting cloud. One could say Birds of Play does the same, entwining their voices and instruments into a single entity that forms unique patterns with each song.

Murmurations Vol. 2 continues Murmurations Vol. 1’s explorations of the natural world and how humans connect with it. When the band launched a Kickstarter campaign for the new album, lead singer and songwriter Alex Paul noted, “The land has been instrumental in how I’ve come to write and share my musicality. It’s very tied to love — love of the land and connection to the land.”

These Birds are excited to bring their songs back to Moab, as the band was born around a campfire on the edge of a desert canyon just outside of town.

The show starts at 7 p.m. and admission is $10 to $20 on a sliding scale!