Cosmo 040822

Hello, it’s Cosmo the library cat. As I wander around the Grand County Public Library greeting patrons, I sometimes hear people talking about classic books that they plan on reading someday. Books are considered classics if they have great artistic value, wide appeal, and relevance long after they are written. I think that sounds great, so why not read one of these books now rather than later? (Cats only procrastinate if taking a nap is involved.)

My librarians have put together a classic book display for you in the library. I’m interested in reading some Mark Twain, because I’ve heard he appreciated cats. He’s even quoted as having said “When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.”

Obviously, the man was a genius. For those of you with cable TV, you can also turn on LitFlix: UEN-TV’s celebration of classic movies based on books will air on Fridays at 8 p.m. during the month of April on cable channel 9.1. Keep on reading, friends. I’ll see you in the library!