Cosmo 040122

Meow! Mjau! Maiou! It’s me, your favorite library cat, Cosmo, again! This week, I’m exploring foreign languages using Mango Languages, another free service you can access with your library card from the Grand County Public Library.

Mango offers conversation lessons in over 70 languages from around the world. Visit to set up your free account with your library card number. You can also download the Mango app and practice on the go!

Here’s some helpful phrases I’ve learned so far:

Norwegian: “Jeg er en katt! Hvor er biblioteket?” “I am a cat. Where is the library?”

Igbo: “Ọ na-amasị m ịgụ akwụkwọ?” “I enjoy reading.”

Lithuanian: “Ar turite žuvies?” “Do you have any fish?”

French: “S’il vous plaît, grattez derrière mes oreilles.” “Please scratch behind my ears.”

Spanish: “¿Dónde guardas la hierba gatera?” “Where do you keep the catnip?”

Feel free to cut this column out and carry it with you; you never know when you might have to ask someone for directions to the library or where they’re hiding the catnip!

As for me, that’s five languages down, only 65 to go. I’ll probably tackle those after my nap. Maiou, mjau, and meow for now, my friends!