A joyful group of Grand County High School musicians, circa 1951. [Moab Museum Collection]

As in many small towns, school has long been at the center of social life for the Moab community. There have been numerous school buildings serving Grand County students since the first school opened its doors in 1881, and student enrollment has fluctuated with Moab’s booms and busts. While Moab’s student class sizes have been small by today’s standards, they’ve never lacked spirit.

Today’s classrooms at Grand County schools look very different from those in the past: a wood stove is no longer an essential feature, and books and blackboards have been supplemented with myriad new teaching technologies. Extracurricular activities have evolved too, though many beloved activities like the school band and sports teams remain standbys today.

A rich variety of photographs in the Moab Museum Collection provide a window into Grand County’s student experience through time, exposing both dramatic changes and timeless commonalities with the experiences of students today. From pep bands to basketball teams, today’s Grand County Red Devils have a long legacy of school spirit, as evidenced by photographs through time.

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