On Mar. 15 the Grand County Commission held its first “hybrid” virtual/in-person meeting since the pandemic began, with some members gathering in the county chambers and others attending by Zoom. The format allows members of the public to attend in-person or call in using Zoom; as always, the meetings are also streamed online and available to view later. Commissioners noticed that it can be difficult for Zoom participants to see and hear participants in the chamber; the participants in the chamber also didn’t have the convenience of seeing links or reference information staff entered into the Zoom chat feature. However, the meeting proceeded with no major technical snags and members discussed HB 146, face covering policy, and approved an application for a home farm stand business in Spanish Valley.

Commissioners voted unanimously to update county COVID-19 face covering policy to better align with the most recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control. People are no longer required to wear masks in county facilities when the county is at a low or medium “community level” according to CDC metrics. Grand County is currently at a low community level. If the community level returns to high, people will be strongly encouraged to wear masks again; people with high personal risk of a severe COVID-19 infection are encouraged to wear masks at any level. People who have tested positive for the virus are required to wear masks, and people with symptoms are strongly encouraged to be tested and to wear a mask.