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Congratulations to Grand County High School junior Tyler Jay Herrera and senior Hallie Packard, the GCHS students of the month. 

Tyler Jay Herrera, son of Herman Herrera and Benadetta Joe, says that he enjoys pretty much every class he takes at Grand County High School. “My teachers are good at what they do they’re friendly and welcoming,” said Tyler, “They make sure everything is clear and will be serious if need be.” The most challenging class he has now is math, as he missed most of his sophomore math studies. “It’s like re-learning a new language,” he said. Tyler said he knows that he’s still growing up, and he takes time to think through what choices would be best for him including what crowd of friends to hang out with. “Find people who care about you and people you know you can grow with,” he advises. Tyler just began working locally and plans to either join the military or become a store manager after graduation. His advice: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you’re not weak, you’re not a burden, you’re not alone and you don’t need to suffer alone.”

Senior Hallie Packard, daughter of Travis and Janae Packard, has been working hard and taking advantage of Utah State University concurrent enrollment classes to gain college credits. She says that she enjoyed studying human development and political science, although the political science curriculum was very difficult. Hallie plays volleyball, softball and was captain of the drill team as well as being in the GCHS Honors Society. While school and athletics take up most of her time, she works with other youth from her church to plan two large kids camps in the summer. She says that good time management is the most important thing she’s learned in school to balance friends, school, extracurriculars and her job. Hallie says that she plans on going to college, but isn’t sure what to major in yet. Hallie’s advice to those in high school: “Keep putting in the work and the success will follow!”