Cosmo 0311

Hi from Cosmo the Library Cat! The big news at Grand County Public Library this week is that there are lots of new WIFI hotspots you can borrow! What is a WIFI hotspot, you might ask? I wondered too. At first, I thought it sounded like a warm, sunny place to take a cat nap. I have plenty of cozy spots in the library to nap, so I wasn’t terribly disappointed to learn that these are little devices that give out a WIFI signal. Humans can use them to access the internet or stream audiobooks, podcasts, music and movies from anywhere they get a cell phone signal. Wow! 

The library has had these clever gadgets to loan out for quite a while, but there’s almost always been a long list of folks waiting for their turn. Now, with some special grant funding, the librarians have added an additional 50 hotspots to the collection. So if you’ve been frustrated by the long wait in the past, you might try again and be amazed at how quickly your request can be fulfilled! Call the library at 435-259-1111 for more info. Meow for now, friends!