Student of the month

Staff members at Margaret L. Hopkin Middle School say that seventh-grader Kaci Hamilton is an excellent student, athlete, and role model. She always brings an enthusiasm for learning and is engaged and creative in the classroom. Kaci comes up with great ideas and practices leadership skills while being thoughtful and inclusive of her group partners. She is fiercely competitive, but in a way that demonstrates great sportsmanship, kindness and positivity! She is often heard complimenting and giving positive feedback to her teammates for their great work.

Kaci not only works incredibly hard and enjoys learning, but she also recognizes the positive characteristics and actions of others and celebrates them! She can be seen having lots of fun at school, whether it is in the Honor Society decorating for the Valentine’s Dance, playing volleyball during P.E., or designing a project in class. Kaci has a cat named Rose and one younger sister. She loves San Diego, California, and reading dystopian books. Kaci is a very competitive swimmer and wants to become a marine biologist someday. Her advice to her classmates is: “Enjoy school, we have to be adults soon enough!

The eighth-grade student of the month, Klara Harms, started the school year later at MLHMS, but staff says she has made up for it with her enthusiasm to learn. In every class, she pays attention, does her work, and does it well. She treats others with kindness and sets a good example for others. Her teachers know that every day that Klara will always be giving her best. Klara is not afraid to ask questions to better understand what she is learning. Klara has a sweet and genuine personality. We know that whatever career Klara chooses will be one in which she will excel and succeed. She always greets everyone with a smile and is very quick to ask if you need any help. Klara loves driving her family crazy. She loves theater and being involved in plays. She loves surfing, the beach and baking: lemon pie is the best! Klara also loves drawing, painting, and being a bit of a nerd about puzzles, quizzes, tests, and problem-solving. Her advice to her fellow classmates: “Don’t take everything so seriously or you’ll either become a philosopher or my mom!”

Congratulations, Kaci and Klara!