I am deeply concerned about the proposed development of a 100-person campground in the Upper Mill Creek Watershed corridor and request that the commission table this issue until further study can be done in regards to the significant risks of harm to the drinking water aquifer

and the water quality of Mill Creek posed by this proposed campground.

Not only can this development contaminate our watershed, this development could easily burn down the entire watershed in one fell swoop with an unattended fire. The road is barely wide enough for a full size truck in areas and is almost completely an AWD high clearance required road with multiple creek crossings to access the property. Emergency vehicles would struggle to reach the property creating an extremely hazardous situation. We saw in June with the Pack Creek Fire racing down the creek how quickly a wildfire can spread and this development puts the entire Mill Creek Canyon at significant risk of fire.

San Juan County zoning ordinance 6-4 states that a conditional use permit cannot be authorized unless and until the proponent presents evidence that the use will not harm the health, safety or welfare of residents and that the use is “harmonious with neighboring uses in the zoning district.” The proponent of this development has not presented evidence that this development will do no harm to the population of the region, to wildlife, and our aquifer. I request that the conditional use permit be denied. In the future public hearings should be held for any developments that may have significant adverse effects to our watersheds and sole source aquifer. It is clearly in the public interest to hold these public hearings to gain critical information to make informed decisions, public hearings can assist in developing specific conditions that should be imposed prior to granting these proposed conditional uses.

Kiley Miller

Northern San Juan County