Cosmo the Library Cat November 2021

Hello! Cosmo the Library Cat here. Evening at the Grand County Public Library is often very peaceful. It’s the perfect time for the librarians to play “snake” with me. This is a game where I can apply my fearsome hunting skills. Here’s how it works: the human drags my colorful snake toy along the ground in a sinuous movement. If they do it right (I’ve got most of them trained by now), I can pretend I’m stalking the dreaded rainbow viper. I sneak around amongst the bookshelves, all stealthy and silent, lulling the snake into complacency. When the moment is right, I leap upon it fearlessly and hold that wicked serpent down with my paws. Clamping it firmly in my mighty jaws, I drag it down the aisle, howling a little victory song as I go. When the snake stops resisting, I drop it and then lie down next to it so everyone can admire my bravery. That’s right, folks, I have saved the library from this deadly beast, once again. You’re welcome!

After a few more trips outside, the librarians remind me that it’s closing time soon. I usually choose to sleep indoors, where I can keep an eye on those wily books. (They like to shift into absurdly hard-to-find places when they think no one is watching.) I love my life with all the nice people at Grand County Public Library. I certainly chose well when I insisted on moving in. But that’s a story for another day. See you at the library!