[Courtesy Photo]

Hello All! It’s Cosmo the Library Cat again! Last week, I told you a little about how I spend my mornings at Grand County Public Library. This week, I’ll tell you about my afternoons. When it’s time for another snack, I get ready to go inside by having a good long roll in the sun-warmed dirt. Once I am suitably filthy, I stare through the window until someone lets me in. It is important to sit just outside the open door and make everybody wait a really long time while I decide if I truly want to step inside. (There are many factors to consider, after all: Are there wolves in there? Or velociraptors? A guy can’t be too careful!)

Once inside, I love to take my secret stealth route through the library, climbing over and through the lowest non-fiction bookshelves. (Pardon me, book of Norman Rockwell paintings! Coming through, book on Lichens of the World!) When I finally present myself in the back room, I am promptly given a tasty treat and sometimes a pinch of catnip. This makes me a little goofy for a while, so it’s back to nap time, lest I become undignified. I have so many lovely nap spots to choose from: my custom-made bed above Tom’s desk is a favorite, as is my carpeted high-rise condo.

After a little snooze, it’s time for my afternoon shift at the front desk. I jump up onto the counter in order to share a little dusty cat fur with the librarians there, which they love. Then I settle down in my fleecy bed next to the check-out station, where I can keep an eye on everyone. I enjoy watching as the librarians prepare the books for shelving: so colorful and shiny! Kind people often stop to pet me, bless them, and the librarians always seem to know exactly how I like my chin scratched. All in all, it’s pure heaven. I may be the luckiest cat ever! Stay tuned for part 3!