[Courtesy Photo]

Margaret L. Hopkin Middle School announced its Students of the Month: seventh-grader Jackson Edge and eighth-grader Andrew Mascaro!

Jackson Edge is a very unique student: you can tell he really enjoys school! It is very rare to see Jackson without a smile or telling some joke. He has a real talent for making sure every student is included and will go out of his way to talk to someone. On top of all that, Jackson excels in his school work. At any point, Jackson is asking clarifying questions or helping another student. He takes his time on assignments and ensures that it’s his best work. Jackson is an excellent example of an MLHMS Thunderbird! Jackson loves mountain biking and the ocean. Oregon is his favorite state and he owns a pug dog named Huck. He also loves to draw and enjoys writing. Jackson’s advice to his fellow students is: “Always be kind and try your hardest in everything you do!”

Andrew Mascaro is polite and respectful to teachers and other students. He is a conscientious student who consistently turns in quality work. Andrew takes the initiative after an absence to email teachers about what he’s missing and stays after school to get caught up. He is helpful to other students, often offering assistance without being asked. He is willing to help others who are struggling with their assignments and is a friend to all. School staff appreciates Andrew’s quiet nature and all that he brings to our classes. Andrew’s favorite sport is tennis and he loves to play basketball. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is steak. Andrew’s favorite TV show is Burn Notice and he has two dogs at home. His advice to his classmates is: “Don’t get ‘missing’ assignments in class!”