Good day, friends. It’s me, Cosmo the Library Cat. I often notice people react in surprise when they see me, a handsome black tuxedo cat, lounging in the Grand County Public Library. It is amusing to hear library patrons gasp and murmur when I saunter by.

“A cat in the library?” they say, “Can it be?” Yes, people, it can! I am part of a proud and ancient tradition of bookstore and library cats! But since I still appear to be a bit of a novelty, I thought I’d tell you a little about how I spend my days.

I usually wake up pretty early when the library is still dark. The nice maintenance guy lets me go out and I like to slink around under the shrubs and check in with the other neighborhood cats, many of whom I know from my pre-library days living on the streets. When all the librarians get to work, I usually come say hi and see what’s for breakfast. After graciously allowing them to feed me and pet me, I find a quiet spot in the reading area and take a nap behind the big Christmas Cactus. I’m quite fond of startling nearby readers when I pop out from behind that plant!

Then I’m ready for some fresh air. If I stroll up to the back door and gaze wistfully out into the courtyard, a librarian or visitor will usually notice me and let me outside. I love to stretch out in a sunny spot on top of the stone wall, dangling a shapely leg over the edge, and watch the birds fluttering around the feeder. Fortunately for them, I am well-fed and merely find them fascinating to observe. Meanwhile, I receive a lot of attention from library courtyard visitors, I even pose for selfies with them. Eventually, I doze off in the sun for a while, dreaming of dust baths and catnip… Tune in next week for Part 2!