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Well hello there! It’s me again: Cosmo the Library Cat with a hot tip for bored teens and tweens! When I get bored, I just take a nap or knock something off a table to amuse myself watching the humans scramble for it, but I do not advise this course of action for you. (Well, naps are always a good idea!) Sometimes, you just need something creative to do with your paws. Ahem, I mean hands. Fortunately, Grand County Public Library Teen/Tween Librarian Christina has been putting together super cool Take and Make Bags for older kids. In November, she’s putting together two different kits: Starting on Nov. 8, you can come to Grand County Public Library and pick up Fall Friendship Crafts: Beads and Things to make friendship pins and bracelets. Two weeks later, starting on Nov. 22, you can get a Sticker Down and Chill: Sticker-by-Numbers Mosaic Kit.  Christina will continue to have awesome new Take and Makes available every month, but they’re very popular and often disappear quickly, so don’t wait too long to pick yours up! See you in the library, friends!