[Courtesy Photo]

Staff at Margaret L. Hopkin Middle School are pleased to announce their October students of the month: Sharon Hernandez-Cruz and Azhure Reed.

Seventh-grader Sharon Hernandez-Cruz is a delightful student who is always on task and willing to participate in every class activity. She is responsible, kind, and respectful to her peers and teachers. She is always willing to support her classmates when they need help. You can tell Sharon likes school because she engages with every activity. When Sharon has an assignment, she frequently asks how she can amplify or supplement her work. She goes the extra scholastic mile. She also has a great sense of humor; she is not shy about telling a joke in front of her class. Sharon brings joy to the classroom with her pleasant personality. She likes to go to school and her favorite teacher is Ms. Barnard. Sharon can speak Spanish and her favorite subject is English. Her favorite colors are purple and black and she loves her two cats. Sharon’s advice to her fellow classmates is: “Always be kind to others!”

Eighth-grader Azhure Reed is a very self-motivated learner with a strong sense of curiosity. She loves to read, and she is also a thoughtful participant in class discussions. Azhure is one of those students with their hand always up ready to answer a question or make a comment. She not only can do the math correctly but also explain it clearly. Azhure adds to the class through her enthusiasm and insight. Azhure’s unique personality is appreciated; she always has a story to add to our class discussions. She is incredibly responsible and conscientious about her work. She is kind and inclusive to other students. Azhure loves to read and she likes art. She would like to go to college and become a veterinarian. She likes to play Dungeons and Dragons in her free time. Ahzure has been to Oregon and would like to visit Canada and Europe someday. Her advice to others is: “Sometimes it’s okay to take breaks.”