Everett Gist has left the Moab City Police Department, bidding farewell to his co-workers and superiors with a crude and bitter remark made over a police dispatch radio, using an expletive to describe acting Moab Police Chief Braydon Palmer. Media outlet Fox 13 News reports that before joining the MCPD, Gist had been let go from his former position with the Utah Office of Adult Probation and Parole in December due to racist and violent messages on his social media accounts.

According to remarks Palmer made to reporters, Gist was employed by the MCPD on a probationary basis. It’s unclear whether he was terminated or resigned.

Moab Police Department hiring policy states that the department will only hire those “who possess the traits and characteristics that reflect personal integrity and high ethical standards,” and emphasizes recruitment techniques that reach a qualified and diverse pool of candidates.

“Every candidate shall undergo a thorough background investigation to verify his/her personal integrity and high ethical standards, and to identify any past behavior that may be indicative of the candidate’s unsuitability to perform duties relevant to the operation of the Moab City Police Department,” the policy reads in part.