[Courtesy Photo]

Hello again, friends! It’s Cosmo the library cat with a fun, free library event to tell you about. On Thursday, Oct. 28, you will have the opportunity to meet a very famous little dog named Gobi and her person Dion. Several years ago, Dion was running in a super long race across the Gobi Desert in China, when an adorable stray dog began to follow him and kept up with him for many long, dusty miles. Dion realized the courageous critter was not going to give up. He named her Gobi after the desert and after some more exciting adventures, he brought his loyal new friend home to the U.S. I can really relate to their story, because I, too, was a stray who got lucky enough to choose my own adopted family here at the library! Dion has written several books about his adventures with Gobi and you can check these books out from Grand County Public Library! Gobi and Dion are visiting Star Hall (159 E. Center St, Moab) on Thursday, October 28 at 6 p.m. Your whole family is invited to come meet them and hear their story! Call the library at 435-259-1111 for more info.