[Courtesy Photo]

Hello everyone! It’s Cosmo, the library cat! Although I am not able to create my own works of art without a little help from my human friends, I am a great art lover. So you can imagine how excited I have been about the Red Rock Arts Festival, which has been held in Moab this past week! The festival has had cool events throughout the week, but I am especially excited about the Street Fest, which will take place on Saturday, Oct. 9, from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 100 East and 100 North, in front of the Moab Arts and Recreation Center. Staff from the Grand County Public Library will be there with our super fun book bike. Not only will the library have free books, they will also be giving away Canyonlands Critters to-go bags, put together by our friends at the National Park Service. You can learn about all the animals in Canyonlands while doing the coloring pages and cool activities. The library will also have a StickTogether mosaic puzzle for everyone to work on. These puzzles are like coloring by numbers, only you use little colored square stickers instead of crayons or markers. At first, you can’t tell what the image is, but as people add more stickers, a clear picture starts to form. It’s amazing! You should definitely stop by our book bike while you are at the festival, but there will be a lot of other things to enjoy as well: live music, food trucks, diy crafts, and art you can look at and buy. I really hope you can come. Meow-ciao for now friends!