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Hi everyone, it’s Cosmo the library cat! Have you ever been caught in a rain storm and had your fur get soaking wet and your whiskers get all droopy? Well, I have. Luckily, I have keen senses that tell me when a storm is coming, so I can usually find shelter in time to avoid getting really wet. However, I worry about humans: since you are not able to smell or hear as well as cats like me can, the weather might take you by surprise. That is why I wanted to tell you about books at Grand County Public Library that can teach you about the weather and how to predict it.

Books about weather geared towards early elementary kids include “Oh Say Can You Say What’s the Weather Today,” a picture book that is part of the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library series; “Little Kids First Big Book of Weather,” from the National Geographic Little Kids series; and “Ultimate Weather-Pedia,” from National Geographic Kids.

Books for older kids include “Eyewitness Weather” and The Nature Company Discoveries Library book “Weather.” All these books are full of facts about the weather presented in interesting, easy-to-understand ways.

We also have several books about the weather for grownups. For example, “The Weather Identification Handbook” contains pictures and information to help with identifying different types of clouds and other weather phenomena, while “The Weather Detective” discusses predicting the weather by observing what is happening in nature around you. Check out some of these books, and you will soon be a real weather expert! Good meow for now, friends. I hope you stay warm and dry.