The Utah Department of Transportation is asking for help from the public in putting together a plan to provide “better access to trails and paths on state routes,” the department said in a press release. A comment process is underway to allow the public to sound off on an active transportation plan to determine what bike lanes, trails, paths or crosswalks may be needed along roads.

“Active transportation is human-powered transportation like walking, biking, using a wheelchair, or hand cycling and provides more options for people to access jobs, education, and other services within their communities,” the release reads.

“Community input is essential in making sure we build projects the right way,” UDOT Active Transportation Manager Heidi Goedhart said. “At UDOT, our emphasis is to build a complete transportation system where people can choose how they travel.”

Public comment period on UDOT’s Active Transportation Plan lasts through Aug. 28. UDOT is urging people to visit to respond to a quick survey. Comment can also be submitted by emailing or calling 385-360-1900.