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Greetings, friends! It’s me, Cosmo the Library Cat with a special message that I hope will come as a relief to some of you.

Have you been worried about bringing back your long overdue library materials because of late fines? Or maybe the books and movies got lost and you’re worried you’ll have to pay for them? Good news! The librarians at Grand County Public Library said “No more!” to late fines and replacement costs some time ago.

Once, I spilled milk all over my favorite library book about the birds of Utah, and when I told the librarians, it didn’t even ruffle their feathers! They just said thank you and gave me some catnip! So, I’m here to tell you, it’s safe to bring your stuff back with no judgment and no late fines! You can even remain anonymous and sneak your library items into the outside drop box in the middle of the night if you prefer. If your library materials got lost, just let the librarians know and they’ll take care of everything so you can start checking things out again, right away. Meow for now!