Several years ago, I became very concerned about the Forest Service allowing fires in the picnic area above Pack Creek Ranch. The area was not maintained to forest service standards as the grass was growing through the tables and the barbeque stands did not have gravel around their bases, as required by Forest Service standards.

My goal was to have all barbeques and fire rings removed from the area and the area signed for no fires allowed in the area. I was only partially successful in having the area mowed and with the removal of some of the fire rings and several barbeque stands. The Forest Service would not remove the large group fire ring or remove all the barbeques. Fires were still allowed in the area.

A second problem was that an early fire restriction in the picnic area would also apply to the high elevation campground such as Warner Lake. The Forest Service told me they would have two fire districts in the future. One district would be for lower elevation campgrounds and picnic areas and one for high elevation campgrounds. Having two fire districts would allow for early fire restrictions in the lower areas. I don’t know if this was done as the lower areas should have had fire restrictions near the end of March.

I am asking again that the all-fire rings and barbeques be removed from the Pack Creek picnic area and not allow fires at any time in the picnic area.

Bill Love

Pack Creek

The U.S. Forest Service could not be reached for comment before press time.