[Courtesy Photo]

Twenty-three Helen M. Knight Elementary School students, seven parents and three staff from the Moab Arts and Recreation Center joined art coach Bruce Hucko to create a “Dino-Crossing” at the only crosswalk serving the school. 3-foot and 5-foot-long raptor tracks cross over three elegant, wavy lines.

The Dino-Crossing project was initiated by Hucko and MARC director Liz Holland a few years ago, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the project. This year, Hucko created a scale model of the crosswalk and invited students to create designs: eventually, over 100 ideas were considered! “As soon as the “selection team” saw third-grader Sophia Smith’s dinosaur track idea they knew what to do,” said Hucko.

“There were so many great ideas,” said Holland. “We’ve grouped them together and we have 6-10 fabulous designs for future crosswalks!”