I am writing in opposition of the Under Canvas development at Looking Glass Rock. I believe it is one of the most important issues locally right now. I don’t like the way the land was sneakily leased; if you live here you probably know and love Looking Glass Rock. Like Dailey Haren said, the beauty of it not being a designated state or national park is what keeps it quiet. But it still needs protection.

Solitude and silence are priceless and I see they are being gobbled up for dollars like the great Nothing from “The Neverending Story,” (if you remember). Not cool—and I know that Under Canvas is trying to market a very organic and natural experience. This development is the opposite. It is stealing and it’s not environmentally friendly. Pray we can turn this around, and Under Canvas—please stop it!

I am a realtor and I do believe in the highest and best use for the land. Under Canvas north [Under Canvas Moab is located off of Highway 191 north of Moab. -ed.] is a wonderful location. It doesn’t appear to infringe on other’s enjoyment. If Under Canvas south happens, it won’t be good for anyone. Looking Glass is for everyone; not just the few that can pay. Thank you.

Shannon Meredith