[Courtesy Photo]

Margaret L. Hopkin Middle School staff named seventh-grader Eliana Dominguez and eighth-grader Emma Knudsen the May Students of the Month.

Hardworking, curious and caring are just a few of the great qualities that describe Eliana Dominguez. School staff says that she does her best and will ask questions if she needs help or wants to know more about something. She has an adventurous side and isn’t afraid to face her fears. Eliana also shows responsibility and a willingness to help others. She is a little shy and has a great laugh. Eliana likes to draw and paint and loves to cook. She only has brothers and she loves them very much. Eliana wants to go to law school and become a lawyer. We are excited for her and what her future holds. Eliana’s advice to others is: “With hard work and great effort, we can get somewhere better!”

Eighth-grader Emma Knudsen has shown amazing commitment to her learning even when the work is challenging, teachers say. She is a great example of a student who puts in lots of effort and can adapt to these different times. Staff says that she has been a pleasure to have in class and she will be very missed when she heads to high school. Emma works really hard at getting straight As and on top of that, she has a job at the Trailhead restaurant. Her friends are very important to her; she will always stand up for them and be someone they can talk to. Emma likes to play basketball and loves to listen to Dolly Parton. Her advice to her fellow classmates is: “Work hard and smile!”

Congratulations, Eliana and Emma!