Deputies from the Grand County Sheriff’s Department very recently assisted my daughter Alicia, whose motorhome broke down a few miles east of Green River. A mother of three, she was trying to get home to western Oregon and was in a pickle, with limited funds and a short timeline. Green River did not have the part for the older vehicle, but a parts shop in Moab did. So one of your deputies picked the part up and coordinated with an Emery County Sheriff’s Deputy which expedited delivery to the repair shop in Green River.

As a father in his mid-70s, I fully realize that a service of this nature is beyond the call of duty. I hope this letter is published in the Moab Sun News so that Grand County residents can tally up another act of selfless kindness and help not normally attributed to law enforcement professionals. TO SERVE & PROTECT is clearly an ethos taken to heart by the Grand County Sheriff’s Department!

Thank you.

Maurie Hendrickson

Astoria, OR