Jessica Jones [Photo: Karissa Larsen]

Grand County High School is proud to announce Jessica Jones and Brendan Moore as its students of the month for May 2021.

Jessica Jones is a graduating senior. The daughter of Ryon and Traci Jones, staff says that Jessica is the embodiment of Red Devil Pride.

With a focus on academic rigor, Jessica has sought out challenging classes. She says that Medical Anatomy was her most enjoyable because of the challenge of always learning something new. However, English 2010, an advanced concurrent enrollment class, was her most challenging due to the high standard of college-level writing the class demanded.

“Jessica knows how to balance her ‘get to work’ self with her ‘chill and enjoy others’ self,” says Jessica’s English 2010 teacher, Alanna Simmons-Cameron. “This captures this Goldilocks-porridge of flow and positivity in the classroom environment.”

This drive for excellence is also clear in her participation in sports. Whether it’s volleyball or softball, Jessica is always striving to do her best. Her drive helped the softball team make it to the semi-finals round of the state tournament where they finished in fourth place out of 18 teams.

Outside of school, Jessica has worked at MOYO – Moab Frozen Yogurt for the last four years. Next time you find yourself there after a day in the hot sun, be sure to say “hello.”

Upon graduation, Jessica plans to attend the soon-to-be-renamed Dixie State University and study healthcare. Her advice for her fellow students is: “Everyone always told me high school goes by fast and I didn’t believe them until I blinked and I was a senior. So don’t take your time here for granted.”

Brendan Moore

GCHS’s next student of the month for May is junior Brendan Moore. The son of Kevin and Katherine Moore, Brendan is an enthusiastic student who loves to laugh.

On the academic front, Brendan says that his most challenging classes this year have been AP Language, which required him to think deeply; Web Development, which required him to develop new skill sets; and Chemistry, which he was excited to take even in spite of the math.

Ultimately, Brendan’s favorite course has been Jazz Band because it is a place “where I enjoy expressing myself artistically,” he says.

Outside of the classroom, Brendan has been heavily involved with the swim team, making the varsity team three years in a row. He holds the school record for the 100-yard breaststroke, clocking an amazingly fast minute and six seconds!

“Brendan has always produced high-quality work,” says Hank Postma, Brendan’s SkillsUSA advisor and web development teacher. “This was never more apparent than when he was in the crucible of competition.”

Postma recalled that during the SkillsUSA web development competition, Brendan was asked to design and code a complete website in only 5 hours.

“Brendan took this on and in the short window was able to produce a website that would make any customer proud,” said Postma.

In addition to working at Poison Spider since 2019, he has been working as an intern with the Youth Garden Project, where he’s learned about the whole toolbox of skills needed to maintain a community garden. Next time you are at the Youth Garden Project, check out the projects he has built and painted for them!

Upon graduation, Brendan plans on attending college in pursuit of a degree in the natural sciences field. Brendan’s advice to his fellow students is to have fun.

“Be excited to go to each class and don’t be afraid to have engaging discussions with your teachers and classmates,” says Brendan. “Be there for your peers and make an effort to reach out.”