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The seventh-grade student of the month is Collin McFarland. Collin takes pride in his work and is willing to help others. He stays calm and gets along with all of his peers as well. As an athlete, Collin makes sure to keep up with his schoolwork even as he is excelling in sports. Collin is quiet and a strong leader in his cohort and always leads by example. His work is very thorough. His grade point average is proof that academics are important to him and that he has high expectations for himself. Collin always seems interested in what is being taught and offers insightful answers in class discussions. Collin is considerate of other students around him who are struggling and helps them without being asked. It doesn’t take long for staff and teachers to notice that Collin is very respectful to the school rules and all those around him. Collin has a quiet confidence that encourages others to think in new and interesting ways! He enjoys going to the mountains and traveling. Collin’s favorite color is white and he is a very picky eater. He considers himself very independent and he is already over 6 feet tall! Collin’s advice to his fellow classmates is to give your full attention to everything you’re passionate about! Congratulations, Collin! You deserve to be recognized!

The eighth-grade student of the month is Travis Hirschfeld. Travis is a student who dutifully works at every task laid before him. Not only is he good at math but also at explaining his reasoning. Polite manners and thinking before speaking are great traits Travis displays. Travis has had a great time with the Moab Youth Cycling program this year and cannot wait to compete with the Red Devil Mountain Bike Team in high school. Travis is an easy student to work with. He is always doing what is expected of him. Importantly, he asks for help when he is unsure of what to do. He has been seen helping a number of students this year when they found a problem in their work. It is also important that he is so reliable. Travis can be counted on to be in the right place at the right time. He sees more deeply into events and this helps in history by stretching people’s minds. He also notices and remembers details and that comes in handy for his teachers. Travis is a great student in science. Not only is he at the top of his class but he is kind to his classmates. Travis likes vehicles and his favorites are trucks, cars and superchargers. His favorite sports are mountain biking, golf and baseball. Travis’s advice to his classmates is “Just send it!” We know that Travis will go on to do great things! We are proud of you, Travis!