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Hi, friends! It’s Cosmo, the Library Cat. Spring has arrived! I’ve been spending more time outdoors and you probably have too. I have a lot of fun just rolling around in the dirt and climbing trees, but I’ve heard kids sometimes get bored if that’s all they have to do.

The children’s room at the Grand County Public Library has lots of books you can check out with ideas for fun outdoor activities, and many of the activities in the books will help you learn about nature too!

If you are interested in camping and exploring, we have “Camp Out!” by Lynn Brunelle, “The Young Adventurer’s Guide to (Almost) Everything” by Ben and Penny Hewitt, and “Kids Camp!” by Laurie Carlson and Judith Dammel. All these books have information about camping, outdoor survival skills, and crafts and activities you can do outdoors.

If you want some outdoor experiments and projects to do, I recommend “Maker Lab Outdoors” by Jack Challoner. This book has step-by-step instructions with pictures. The degree of difficulty for each project is rated from easy to difficult. Generally, the activities in this book are suited for tweens and teens.

For younger kids, there is “Sunny Days & Starry Nights” by Nancy Fusco Castaldo. This book has many simple activities, crafts and projects involving nature and the outdoors.

Now it’s time for me to go outside and bask in the sunshine. If you see me out there, it might look like I’m just lounging around, but I’m also observing and learning about nature!