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If you’ve seen Cars’ Tow Mater parked in the Eastern Utah Community Credit Union parking lot this week, it’s because the bank will be sponsoring Oakdale Drive In next weekend. The California drive in company will be visiting Moab for free showings of Cars on May 7 and Jurassic Park on May 8.

“The EUCCU contacted us and wanted to put on something as a thank you to the community members and provide entertainment during COVID,” said William Pringle, owner of Oakdale Drive In.

Gates will open at 7 p.m. on those nights and showtime will begin at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are available to reserve at oakdaledrivein.com and at the gate, if parking is still available. Masks will be mandatory outside one’s vehicle at all times per the Moab City mandate.

Oakdale Drive In boasts a massive three-story tall, 45-foot wide screen for the features, which they will set up at the fairgrounds — “it inflates like a bouncy house.” Pringle and associates will transport the 650-pound screen and additional equipment 1,000 miles from California to Moab for the event.

“It’s nice to take the screen around and visit new communities, especially small rural communities,” Pringle said. “It’s a great multigenerational event. For younger folks it’s something new, for older folks it reminds them of their youth.”

There will be no assigned parking at the event, as cars will queue into aisles on a first come, first served basis. Taller vehicles over 70 inches tall will be moved to the back of the parking area to enable maximum viewing potential. Attendees must remain in their vehicles throughout the entire showing, per COVID-19 precautions, and restrooms will also be available.

All vehicles must be able to fit in one parking space and cannot exceed six people. The drive in also prohibits firearms, weapons, drugs, alcohol and pets. The movie audio is streamed through an FM radio station that can be played from each vehicle as well as a portable FM radio.

“The credit union went a long way outside of Moab to bring this to the community,” Pringle continued. “It’s a free, family event for all ages.”

Oakdale Drive In will be communicating with county representatives in the next week to ensure the highest possible attendance given Grand County’s high transmission rate of COVID-19. Those interested in the event should follow announcements on social media and on the drive in website. It’s possible that the event may have a 250-person limit, so make sure to reserve your ticket early.

“Obviously, we would like to have as many people as we can at this event. Historically, drive in events have been allowed across the country in the height of COVID because we can make them extremely restrictive and have people remain in their cars and still enjoy the experience,” said Pringle.”

Enjoy the red rock scenery of Cars and the homage to Utah’s dinosaurs next weekend. Contact Oakdale Drive In at 209-764-5356 with any questions or concerns about the event.

Event Information

What: Drive In Movie: “Cars”

When: Wednesday, May 7 at 8 p.m.

Where: Old Spanish Trail Arena (3641 Highway 191, Moab)

What: Drive In Movie: “Jurassic Park”

When: Wednesday, May 8 at 8 p.m.

Where: Old Spanish Trail Arena (3641 Highway 191, Moab)

Showings are free of charge. Reserve a spot at www.oakdaledrivein.com