The recent meetings by both Moab City and Grand County elected officials on creating noise ordinance policies targeting local UTV businesses only show just how tone-deaf these elected officials really are. Vehicular traffic is backed up for miles, creating all kinds of noise and chaos yet they refuse to commit to any kind of workable plan for a long-term solution with UDOT [Utah Department of Transportation -ed.] to improve the flow of traffic through town. Frustrated drivers are peeling off, entering neighborhoods trying to get from point A to point B adding to even more noise and confusion. This lack of political will deserves a grade of F for failure to make realistic decisions. Instead, these officials are focusing on driving off local UTV businesses, blaming and claiming they are the “noise” problem in town and justifying their positions by saying they are listening to “their constituents.” The folks who own and operate these businesses are constituents as well and the constant harassment singling them out is wrong. The argument that UTV’s are running amuck in neighborhoods is just not valid. There is no real data to support this claim. The argument of late-night disturbances from commercial businesses is equally false. I do not know of one UTV business that rents machines or conducts tours at night. Moab City and Grand County need to really think about and recognize they are focusing on the wrong issue. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW or are you still not listening to what is really going on?

Kelly Mike Green

La Sal