Cosmo's Corner 0311

Hi everybody, this is Cosmo, the Library Cat. This week I want to tell you about my new favorite author, Erin Hunter. The librarians here at Grand County Public Library recommended I check out the Warriors series by Erin Hunter and it is meowsome!

I recommend starting with Warriors book #1: “Into the Wild.” It tells the story of four clans of fierce wild warrior cats and an ordinary house cat — “a kittypet” — named Rusty. This series has a large cast of characters and it is action-packed with adventure and drama.

Erin Hunter is actually a pseudonym (also called a pen name) for a group of authors who write about the Warrior Cats world. So if you get into reading this series, there are a bunch of other series set in this same world. You have many many hours of happy reading ahead of you!

Our library owns lots of Warrior Cat books and they are also available for download as ebooks and audiobooks for free via Overdrive with your library account. Since there is a fair amount of violence in these books (they’re warriors, after all), my librarians recommend it for grades five and up, but I think caregivers of younger cat-loving readers might want to take a look at “Into the Wild” and decide for themselves.

Alright, I gotta go now, it’s time to head out into the wilds of the library and defend my territory!

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