Duncan Clark [Photo: GCHS senior Emree Olsen]

For the month of January, Grand County High School is honored to award Duncan Clark and Korrie Wagner as its students of the month. Staff and faculty say that both Duncan and Korrie have displayed a tremendous amount of conscientious and intelligent behavior and are outstanding figures for this position.

Duncan Clark, the son of Kate and Laird Clark, is in his senior year here at Grand County High School before he plans to attend college at Utah State University Eastern in Price, Utah. Duncan hopes to be a storyteller through the medium of film so it’s no surprise that he excels in English and 3D animation classes.

Despite all of Duncan’s challenging classes, he still manages to excel in other areas of his life, He has competed on the swim team for four years of high school, and he also maintains a positive attitude and is known for his selfless consideration of others. One of his service projects was helping to build a bike shelter for Seek Haven, a local nonprofit that supports community members in the wake of domestic violence.

“Duncan’s enthusiasm is boundless,” says Hank Postma, Duncan’s 3D animation and video instructor. “This curiosity for learning is an engine whose fuel tank never empties.”

Duncan is a tenacious student and gives this advice to those still in school: “Don’t give up. It’s hard, challenging and hurts sometimes, but you can’t give up.”

Senior Korrie Wagner is the daughter of Irene and David Wagner. Staff and students say that Korrie is a very kind-hearted and hardworking student. In the summer, she helps her grandma and works at Walker Drug here in town “helping people find what they need,” she said.

Korrie’s innate optimism leads her to offer this advice to her peers: “You can change any name you’ve made for yourself with the right mindset” and “Everything gets better with time.”

“Korrie is one of those kids who flies under the radar most of the time,” said her science teacher, Mary Walker-Irvine. “She is quiet and reserved until you get her to open up a bit and you find out what a smart, funny and pleasant young woman she is! It’s been a joy having her in class off and on these past four years, watching her blossom from a quiet freshman with all those walls fully intact to the clever, intelligent (but still pretty quiet) senior she is today.”

A hearty congratulations to these two exemplary members of the GCHS community!