Guido Smith Cowboy Grill 2015

Jerry Edward Guido Smith born, April 3, 1952, passed though the veil that separates heaven from earth on the morning of January 29, 2021 in the loving care of his wife and daughter at his daughter’s home in Salt Lake City, UT. He is survived by his wife Colleen Smith, daughter Heather, son Jacob, daughter-in-law Jessica, and son Jared. He was preceded in death by his mother, Leola “Pat” Smith, father, Robert B. Smith, and brother, Robert B. “Smitty” Smith Jr. 


Jerry grew up in Michigan and Arizona and worked throughout the country pursuing his early marketing and management career in Arizona and California and his later sales and marketing career in Ohio, Illinois, parts of the south and Minnesota.  He made his professional debut selling Simple Green out the trunk of his car along with the founder’s son building the product from a novelty to an international brand. 


As a sales and marketing executive, Jerry traveled across the country meeting clients, attending trade shows, and schmoozing; It was during that time he became “Guido.” His friends were all Italian and decided he needed an Italian name if he was going to hang out with them.  At the trade show they were attending, his colleagues began introducing him as “Guido.”  Jerry’s personality fit with the jovial, accommodating, serious moniker so it stuck.  No one knew who Jerry was but everyone knew “Guido.”  Much to his surprise, soon after he returned to his office, he had a new name plate on his desk and new business cards depicting Jerry “Guido” Smith. His mother, not using her first name either, had a hard time calling him Guido but she came around as soon as he called her Josephine instead of her preferred “Pat.”


As the environmental movement gained awareness so did environmentally friendly products.  One of the breakthroughs for the environmentally friendly detergent industry was their effective use in cleanup of wildlife after oil spills. Simple Green was on site for the Huntington Beach oil spill of 1990 and demonstrated its efficacy and necessity. Guido proudly marketed other biodegradable degreasers such as BCD, and Clear Magic.  His employers, TR3, Blue Coral, Advance Auto, and O’Reilly benefited from his ethical salesmanship, marketing savvy and Christian work ethic.


As a pioneer in his industry, Guido saw the economy of concentrated liquid cleaners and flexible pouches. Seeing the benefit of the stronger and lighter packaging he launched the first liquid cleaner sold in a stand-up pouch named BCD (Biodegradable Cleaner Degreaser). His favorite selling line was, “why pay for water to be shipped across the country when you can add your own.”  His innovative package was featured in an article, “It’s Green, and it Cleans,” in FORTUNE magazine, November 15, 1993.


Guido leaves behind a rich tapestry of friends and colleagues he met through his employment and volunteer organizations that will say they were glad for the chance to know him.  It is hard to forget the lifelong friends he met through the Air Force ROTC at the University of Arizona or the competitors he met throughout his many athletic endeavors of hockey, track, football and racquetball or the clubs and organizations of debate, Rotary, Boy Scouts, church, and his beloved Knights of Columbus just to name a few.


He was an achiever and excelled at everything he felt worthy of his time. He was especially honored to be a 4th degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus and a Commissioner with Boy Scouts of America.


After winding down his corporate career and guiding his children through young adulthood, he enjoyed his semi-retirement serving customers in Moab while spending glorious evenings relaxing at his home in Castle Valley. His outstanding contributions to his career and

community pale in comparison to his greatest achievements of being a loving, patient, and devoted husband. He was a father that showed his children how to be loving and kind while suffering illness, disappointment, and stress. He taught values of commitment, faith, and stewardship not by words but by example.


He made people better just being around him.  His high expectations and unique vision saw potential and special talents not seen by the individual. Being the kind and gentle spirit that he was made people want to live up to his vision of them.


            As amazing as Guido was there is another person that deserves mention. Two years ago, Guido was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and given six months to live. If not for the generous soul that donated his bone marrow for Guido’s transplants, he would not have had a chance to enjoy so many wonderful events such as his daughter-in-law joining the Catholic church, His son’s marriage to Jessica, or his 30th wedding anniversary. Heartfelt thanks to the generous donor, that he never met, for giving Guido and his family the Grace of a long and lovely goodbye.


Guido lived his life with no regrets and leaves behind three amazing children that perpetuate his patience, salesmanship, athleticism, devotion, kindness and most of all love.


On Tuesday, March 9, 2021 please join us for his graveside service and burial at Castle Valley Cemetery on Castle Valley Drive at 12:30pm and a luncheon/wake following the burial.  Please contact for more information.  In lieu of flowers please consider becoming a donor by contacting Be the Match at In lieu of becoming a donor, contributions can be sent to the same organization in honor of Guido.