Recycling Award

Congratulations are in order for the Moab Community Recycle Center and local recycling proponent Sara Melnicoff. Both recently received awards from the Recycling Coalition of Utah, a nonprofit dedicated to the development of solid waste reduction, reuse, and recycling in the state.

The CRC was named the Thomas A. Martin Local Government Recycler of the Year for 2020. The CRC is run by the Grand County Solid Waste Special Service District #1 and is led by district manager Evan Tyrrell.

In a press release, the executive director of the RCU, Brad Mertz, said, “I have been involved with the Recycling Center in Moab in one way or another for over 20 years. I have never seen it running better than it is under [current District] leadership. I hope the residents of Grand County realize what an absolutely incredible asset this recycling facility is to their community.”

In another press release, the district recounted how, under Tyrrell’s leadership for the past two years, the district has transformed the CRC, both visually and operationally, including upgrading and optimizing the CRC drop-off, storage, and processing systems, and completing major overhauls to the administrative, logistical, and procedural components of the operation. The CRC has also expanded its universal waste commodities that are accepted for recycling to include items for which there were previously no local environmentally protective outlets (e.g., waste antifreeze, mercury-containing devices). Used electronics, batteries, and mercury vapor-containing light bulbs continue to be accepted during the district’s electronics and universal waste recycling events, currently held every Saturday at the CRC from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The district said it has also made significant strides to ensure that all acceptable recyclables received at the CRC remain in domestic markets for processing, recycling, and redistribution.

The CRC has also hosted several recycling events in partnership with local businesses and non-profit organizations to celebrate worldwide sustainability efforts, promote America Recycles Day, and educate the community on the integrated solid waste management philosophies of reduce, reuse, and recycle. In 2019, a ‘Recycled Garden’ was developed at the CRC from salvaged native plants through a collaborative partnership between the Canyonlands Chapter of the Utah Native Plants Society, Moab Solutions, local volunteers, and the District.

Tyrrell gave credit for the CRC’s accomplishments to the district’s employees.

“This impressive transformation and well-deserved recognition of the CRC couldn’t have been accomplished without the hard-working, dedicated district staff that tirelessly work in the harsh elements of our local environment to manage solid waste generated in our community,” he said.

The district also had words of praise for Melnicoff, who was awarded the Thomas A. Martin Individual Recycler of the Year 2020.

“Melnicoff’s dedication towards active environmental stewardship through the non-profit organization, Moab Solutions, has brought countless benefits to the residents, businesses, and natural beauty of Moab,” it said.

The RCU also praised Melnicoff for her dedication to recycling and her work collecting recycling from private businesses and local nonprofits, often for free, which she delivers to the CRC.

“Sara Melnicoff is an inspiration,” said Mertz, “the kind of person who reflects positively on our industry and is well deserving of the Thomas A. Martin Utah Recycler of the Year Award.”

“I hope the residents of Grand County realize what an absolutely incredible asset this recycling facility is to their community.”

– Brad Mertz